Alter Aeon October 2021 Update

Happy harvest season, from the staff of Alter Aeon! It is October once again, and in Alter Aeon that means it’s time once again for Halloween Havoc! This year’s event is called the Day of the Dead will start on Friday, October 29th and end on the morning of Tuesday, November 2nd. In addition to the usual pumpkin cannons and pk arena battles, this Halloween event will have an very special and spooky questline! Whether you’ve been playing for years or have just started, the event will have something to do for everyone!

Here are some highlights from last month’s changelog:

– ‘Haste’ now being an electrical spell. It no longer ages you, but it makes you easier to stun.
– Infravision is now a fire spell dependent on ‘burning hands’ and works a little differently now.
– Strength spell became ‘brawn’ and dexterity spell became ‘agility’, and both are now druid animal spells.
– ‘Water breathing’ also became a druid animal spell.
– ‘Brawn’, ‘agility’ and ‘water breathing’ can be added to spellstaffs.
– The gills tincture is now ‘winterkin’, which makes you regenerate mana faster when temperatures are low.
– Some minions, such as black panthers, vipers, ghouls and vampires are now stealthier than others.
– Vampires, including vampire minions, now regenerate a very small amount of healthy with every melee attack against a creature with blood, as long as that creature is not poisoned.
– Ghoul minions now do more damage against poisoned targets.
– Studs and spikes can now be added to woodcrafted clogs.
– Leathercrafted sporrans can be added to tailored kilts.
– Forged metal bars had a unique word added to the string to make them easier to sort and organize.
– Lapidary should now work with coral again.
– The ground cleaner routine is now very aggressive with discarded crafted items, because some people were being litterbugs.

In addition to the upcoming event, one thing we plan on releasing is the hunting skill. Hunting will be a mini-game akin to fishing but a bit more involved and a bit more dangerous. You’ll be able to hunt in groups, so you go out hunting with your buddies! Successful use the skill will land you supplies for cooking and other crafting skills. In anticipation of this skill, we’ll be changing hunter jobs into slayer jobs. These new slayer jobs will be able to be completed by groups of players like quests can be.

As we approach the end of the year, a lot of effort will be put into upcoming events for next few months. We have Thanksgiving, the Winter Solstice and our anniversary next January to look forward to. We hope you enjoy all we have to offer on Alter Aeon!

For more information, you can refer our latest update on Youtube here:
from Alter Aeon

About alteraeon

Alter Aeon is a medieval fantasy MMORPG with hundreds of quests to complete and thousands of monsters to defeat!
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