Alter Aeon October 2022 Update

Happy harvest season from the staff of Alter Aeon!

We are excited about this month’s game event: Halloween Havoc! We can expect all of the usual amenities, including pumpkin cannons, monster pk arena battles, and seasonal prizes, as well as special zones made just for the event. Activities are available for all players, new and old alike. Mark your calenders: the event is only available for a limited time! Halloween Havoc will begin on Saturday, October 29th and will end on Wednesday, November 2nd.

Here’s a review of recent updates to the game:

– Weapon cleanup: modifying weapons that weren’t loading so that they would load again.

– Adding several small quarries and the like in areas around Kordan, Archais and the mainland for mining.

– New tailored item: ribbons, and new metallurgy item: medallions. These can have heraldry added to them, and can be attached to tailored ribbons. Renaming them will change them into awards and medals.

– Forged medallion belts are now coin belts.

– Use the ‘lapidary check’ command on mined materials that cannot be crafted to see if they are uncommon or not.

– More kinds of woods have been made rare in order to make it easier to find rare woods.

– Tailoring Guild jobs now require you to deliver the finished piece of clothing to a nearby mob instead of just turning it into the guildmaster.

– Improve at ‘saw lumber’ skill even when you break the wood.

– Remains of campfires should now be a viable carbon source for forging.

– Light-based spells like ‘color spray’ and ‘sunstorm’ do extra damage to SHADOW type creatures and vampires.

– High constitution will help you recover from hypothermia more quickly.

– An updated spell damage system for combat spells that displays a damage entry with various tiers (minor, low, moderate, high, massive).

– Favor usage will now appear more linear. You will gain favor automatically in larger increments when your favor is low compared to when it is high. When your favor is very high, autofavor gain will slow. The ‘meditate’ skill and jobs will help expedite recovery. You will gain favor more slightly more quickly if you match the alignment and class of your god. There are no penalties for alignment or class mismatches, only bonuses for matches.

Upcoming changes:

– Improvements to how the meditate skill handles hit point changes.

– New daily event for Saturdays: trivia games!

– A couple new abilities centered around ‘dispel magic’.

– Folding ‘skinning’ into ‘leathercraft’ to make room for a new top tier leathercraft/rangers guild skill, hopefully in time for the Thanksgiving event.

– Updating the help page for favor to reflect recent changes and adding pages for related topics, such as autofavor.

– Preparing the City of Fonts for the release of Primordial Chaos!

For more information, please refer to our latest Youtube presentation here:
from Alter Aeon

About alteraeon

Alter Aeon is a medieval fantasy MMORPG with hundreds of quests to complete and thousands of monsters to defeat!
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