Alter Aeon will soon be having a game event centered around the autumnal equinox, starting on the afternoon of Friday, September 16th and ending on the night of Saturday the 24th. This event will feature the Puzzlewood scenario. For the uninitiated, the Puzzlewood is a special event area which pits you against waves of monsters that increase in strength with each successive wave. It is intended to be a challenge for well-heeled groups of high level players. Recent changes to the game: – Gather jobs will reject objects that have had their weight magically altered, such as from a ‘crystal coat’ or ‘unburden’ spell. – More improvements to jobs displays, including location names for alchemist and assassin brew jobs and color standardization. – The meditate skill can no longer bring you to maximum favor. To compensate, the favor from doing priest jobs has been increased. – ‘Detect magic’ now shows a LOT more detail about spells on mobs, and is now level 9 and no longer obscure. The potency of using detect magic on a mob before dispel has been increased, and the ‘dispel magic’ cost has been raised to 18, since it is now more powerful. – The ‘fire focusing’, ‘ice focusing’, ‘lightning focusing’ and ‘crystal focusing’ skills now synergize with ‘dispel magic’ relevant to spells with the corresponding element. The better you know ‘spell lore’, the more spell auras you can discern with detect magic before being overwhelmed. – The damage for impale has been increased, and some changes have been made to the damage type requirements. – ‘Foulblood’ now poisons any attackers that use edged damage types such as slash, slice, chop or claw (though it only nauseates biting attackers). – The number of invigorate spells that can be put on a tincture is now dependent on the brewer’s druid level. – Bitter and sharp tasting food will help you resist being stunned. Spicy foods will instead help you recover from being chilled. – ‘Survey’ should no longer give false positives for mining in city-flagged zones. – The “compare” command should now work with lapidary gemstones. We added a few new thief-oriented gemstones to the mining and lapidary tables. – You can now appraise things you are wearing. Coming soon: – Unified handlers for spell damage, and spells will show relative damage levels on help pages, such as “moderate” or “minor”. – More polish for jobs and crafting. – Automated trivia events. – Implementing the ‘hunting’ skill. Next month, we will have our Halloween Havoc event, as well as releasing a number of new areas, including the high level zone of Port Crimsonia for the continent of Ramanek and Nightmare Plane 5 solo and group 4 areas. Primordial Chaos is very nearly complete. It will be released for the Thanksgiving event. A reinforced Font will lead there from the City of Fonts. For more information, please refer to our latest Youtube update here:

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Alter Aeon is a medieval fantasy MMORPG with hundreds of quests to complete and thousands of monsters to defeat!
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