Alter Aeon August 2022 Update

Hi there! As we transition from summer to fall and students return to school, we hope everyone is doing well. We here at Alter Aeon have been very busy!

In addition to opening two new areas, many minor quality of life updates have been added to Alter Aeon centering around jobs recently, including:

– The command ‘jobs find guild’ should now accept guild names.

– Lapidary check will now indicate if a mineral is uncommon, useful for prospector jobs.

– If you know woodcraft, gathering wood will send you a message when you find a rare wood type.

– Woodcraft check will indicate the region where a checked type of wood is from.

– Split wood will now have the keywood ‘swood’ (instead of ‘fwood’) in its insult string.

– Cartographer jobs now use the ‘survey’ command to advance instead of ‘map’.

– Smith smelting jobs should now be more generous with which ingots they accept, and neither they nor ore jobs should send you after very rare metals such as cadmium or orichalcum.

– Hatmaking is now the first skill in the Haberdashers Guild, so that members can complete guild jobs at novice rank.

– New Lapidarists Guild job: prospector, where you obtain a 5 pound (or more) sample of an uncommon mineral.

– If you turn in a mastercrafted item to complete a guild job, you will receive a bigger payout.

There were some changes to regeneration:

– Campfire regeneration is now calculated directly into player stats, so it will be part of “show regen”, and is stronger.

– If you sleep long enough, you will feel sharp. Being sharp increases regeneration, helps you recover from shadow exposure faster, boosts experience gains, and gives you a higher chance of producing mastercrafts for a short period.

– New level 20 cleric skill was added: meditation. This skill allows you to meditate while resting, communing with your god to regain favor.

Changes to spells and skills:

– ‘Dispel magic’ now gains an advantage against spells the caster knows. For instance, if you know displacement, you will have an easier time dispelling it.

– If your character knows animal lore, demon lore, dragon lore or undead lore, the “consider” command will inform you of the creature’s dietary habits.

– A few tweaks to skirmish so that ‘leadfoot’ makes it less effective, and mobs will be less likely to do massive damage.

Upcoming changes for August:

‘Detect magic’ is getting a facelift. Some improvements have already been implemented revolving around the elemental focus skills. The ‘dispel magic’ spell is also slated to receive some more tweaks. There may be some new abilities centered around dispel magic in the near future.

An overhaul of the ‘expiation’ spell is coming soon, as well as a possible upgrade for ‘spirit hammer’. The ‘hunting’ skill is also well on its way toward being developed.

More improvements to make earning favor more stable and predictable are almost ready to go. Under this system, clerics in harmony with their god will gain favor about every five minutes and can regenerate to full in about an hour through autofavor alone. (This, of course, can be accelerated using the meditate skill or by completing priest tasks.)

We will be reintroducing the Puzzlewood for an event centered around Labor Day, likely beginning on Friday, September 2nd and ending on the following Tuesday, September 6th. This event is intended for experienced players, who must battle wave after wave of monsters in order to win the challenge.

For more information, please refer to our Youtube update here:
from Alter Aeon

About alteraeon

Alter Aeon is a medieval fantasy MMORPG with hundreds of quests to complete and thousands of monsters to defeat!
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