Alter Aeon June 2022 Update

Happy summer, everybody! We’re proud to announce our tenth annual Summer Solstice Celebration! The main questline will consist of a series of gladiator matches held in the Naginag arena. This will be a single player scenario that pits you against enemies that present radically different challenges. We’ll also be releasing Starving Rock for year’s event. This scenario is a marathon of killing as many mobs as possible. Unlike years prior, it will be a fully autolevelling zone instead of a single player zone, so you’ll be able to play with your friends if you wish.

This game event will begin on Saturday, June 18th, with Starving Rock opening first and the arena opening the following Monday. The event will end with the closure of both areas on Monday, July 4th after the fireworks are over.

(We’ll be holding the Puzzlewood area in reserve for a weekend event later this year, probably around Sisters’ Day or Labor Day.)

Here’s a summary of some recent updates to the game:

– We’ve released a new island located along the northwest side of the continent of Gianasi. This is a level 43 group 7 area created in memory of Jahmeir aka Colonel.

– Weapons created by the druid ‘carve weapon’ skill now do magical damage, making them effective against ethereal creatures.

– We fixed a bug that let unscribeable spells to chained onto scrolls.

– Reducing tonics that are much lower level than you should now fail less often.

– The frequency of archery contests and fishing derbies has been bumped up a little.

– Costs for tailoring refactored. They should generally be cheaper, especially at high levels. Tailored kilts should now be significantly cheaper to make.

– Tailor list fabric should now show fabric effects.

– Lapidary gems should no longer be created with stats that can’t possibly transfer to objects. Related, the process for moving stats from lapidary gems to lapidary spangles and from spangles to crafted objects should now be more forgiving.

– A third option has been added for tanner: suede. Equipment made from sueded leather tends to be higher quality than normal leather.

– A third option has been added to grind stone: grind. This allows you to reduce the mass of a piece of unworked lapidary material one pound at a time. The syntax for grind ore is now ‘crush ore’.

– Weapons of power must be of at least mastercraft quality for the sympathetic magic to work. Lore sources have been updated to reflect this.

– There were changes to how mastercrafted items are handled with metallurgy to make it easier to progress in the Smiths Guild.

– Adding fullers to crafted blades now increases the damroll with no speed increases.

– It is now possible improve necromancer skills by preparing corpses for raising.

– The hitroll, damroll and armor bonuses from graft undead have been buffed.

– The mage ‘enchant fire’, ‘enchant ice’ and ‘enchant lightning’ skills now have ‘forge simple weapon’ as a secondary prerequisite.

– New credit buy option: “credit buy clantailor”, for adding a tailor shop to your clan area.

– Various updates to lore to in preparation for Primordial Chaos, including new library material and changes to mobs and quests around Ralnoth and nearby areas.

– There has been a crackdown with incompatible spells placed on consumables such as potions, scrolls, staves and wands.

– Several pieces of equipment throughout the first two islands; there should now be enough eq by level 16 to create a cast_level and skill_level set for every class. There should even be enough pieces to create a ranged set without any class flags.

We’re still working on Port Crimsonia and Nightmare Plane solo and group 4 areas, as well as converting various old event zones into regular areas. Also, background music for the dclient has been completed (for now), with the final handful of tracks being added very soon.

For more information, please refer to our latest Youtube update here:
from Alter Aeon

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Alter Aeon is a medieval fantasy MMORPG with hundreds of quests to complete and thousands of monsters to defeat!
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