Alter Aeon February 2022 Update

Happy February to all! Alter Aeon is once again the midst of another flutterheart migration! Taking out one of the weird little floaters can yield a special reward, so be sure to visit before the migration is over.

We are proud to announce that we now have music on the Dclient! The official client of Alter Aeon is now fully scored with its own original soundtrack! This includes tracks for wind, rain, the ambient environment, and full music tracks for different planes and various areas, with more on the way!

Also last month: effort has been made to unify several mechanics in order to make them more consistent, identifiable and curable. For example:

Bleeding – (normal Damage over Time to living creatures). Bleeding creatures accumulate poisoning from toxic melee attacks faster, and vampires that attack bleeding creatures will heal. Treated with the ‘heal’ and ‘bloodbond’ spells, resisted by ‘stoneskin’.

Burning – (fire Damage over Time). Fire and water-based creatures are immune. Can be doused by ‘create water’ or by immersion in water.

Hypothermia – Combining the chilling effects of the ‘chill touch’, ‘Tarrant’s spectral hand’ and ‘spectral claw’ spells into one. Instills a penalty in living creatures to strength and dexterity and vulnerability to cold and normal damage. Chilled creatures shiver periodically, losing mana and movement. The ‘melt’ skill and campfires lessen and remove it, while ‘fire shield’ helps resist it.

Nausea – makes subjects more susceptible to toxic damage, and interferes with their ability to use skills and cast spells. Certain poisons may make creatures nauseated, as can directly cast spells such as ‘noxious cloud’. Nausea is relieved by most abilities that can cure poisoning, and by minty
and pine-tasting foods.

Unbalanced – new condition, combining features of feinting and the debuff of a missed thrust. The armor and hitroll of unbalanced characters is less effective. The big danger is that an unbalanced character is more easily knocked down by attacks such as bash, trip or charge. A high dexterity can help prevent you from being unbalanced, and recover your balance more quickly. If you are unbalanced, you cannot use skills that unbalance or knock down others, though other abilities are unaffected.

Other general changes from the month of January include:

– Campfires are now more restorative when you rest or sleep by one.

– Food has been changed. Calories have a more profound effect on the hitpoints restored, though well-seasoned player-cooked food will be the most restorative. The maximum limit to the amount of health and movement restored has also been increased. Resting while near a campfire while
eating can help you recover quickly, especially at low levels.

– Timers were increased for cooked dishes, fished fishes, butchered meats and foraged foods.

– Minor bleeding effect added to claw rake attacks from called druidic mountain lions and panthers.

– Thief frag grenades have a chance to cause minor bleeding. Frag grenades also can now use any spell component made from crystal or glass for assembly.

– ‘Faerie fire’ no longer increases the damage from ‘flamestrike’. Instead, it invokes a chance of lighting the target on fire!

– Thief poison gas grenades can nauseate targets.

– ‘Noxious cloud’ now nauseates targets and lowers movement regen instead of hitpoint regen.

– Thief frostring grenades and druidic called winter wolves have a chance of chilling opponents.

– Crafted ammunition should now have stronger dierolls.

– Being dazed or stunned interferes with your ability to use scrolls, wands and staves. Scrolls are not consumed nor are charges expended; you are just lagged briefly on failure.

– Knapped weapons should now have heavy amount of damroll, paired with more modest hitroll and dierolls. You can also add plucked feathers to knapped weapons for a bit of primitive panache.

– Tailored items now have weights based on their size and the type of fabric they are made from.

– Crystal lights are now spell components.

– About a dozen or so lapidary minerals had their effects altered. In particular, shield block and parry are more common.

Planned changes:

– Leathercraft scrape – all skins will start with stats on them. Using the “leathercraft scrape” command, the stats can be removed, but there is a chance of damaging the skin.

– Nausea will be expanded to one or two more abilities.

– Unified saving throw checks to resist chilling, burning and nausea will be added, to replace various custom routines.

We might be testing out some automated trivia events in the next couple months.

For more information, please refer to our latest Youtube presentation:
from Alter Aeon

About alteraeon

Alter Aeon is a medieval fantasy MMORPG with hundreds of quests to complete and thousands of monsters to defeat!
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