Alter Aeon March 2021 Update

We hope everyone enjoyed our Valentine’s Eve Massacre death march last month! Our next event will be the Spring Festival. This event will begin on Friday, March 19th and end on Monday, March 22nd. Among other exciting event quests and activities, we’ll be releasing the jungle area we used for the death march as a new level 44 group 15 zone.

Here are some highlights from last month’s updates:

– Tuesday archery contests are now operational! Contests will be held periodically throughout the day every Tuesday.

– Minor cleanup and additions to the Field of Fonts.

– Being dazed/stunned now instills a penalty to dexterity.

– The “value” command can now directly target objects, and it can still be used with shopkeepers as well.

– Ebon adamantine is now dark adamantine, to prevent parsing conflicts with ebon mithril.

– Crafting sampler lootcrates now come with a skin, hide, pelt or shell.

– The ability for builders to add randomized crafting supplies to containers has been added, so you may come across stashes of hides, boards, metal ingots and more.

– ‘Afflict’ now lowers spellsave for both ethereal and corporeal targets. This makes afflict more consistent and useful for making targets vulnerable to follow-up curses.

– Changes to strings and the help page for bloodletting stab to reflect the fact that you can rip into enemies with your hands if you’re wearing hand equipment with the right dtype.

– A new spell called ‘scorch’ has been added to replace the fireball spell, and greater fireball has become the new fireball.

– Another addition was that of entropy for a god’s preferred element, which engages the poison damage type for related spells.

Here are some planned updates for March:

– Builders will have the capability of generating randomized areas. This will primarily be used for events.

– We’ll be adding another Thirsty Thursday task or two, including a possible bout of drunken target shooting.

– Alter Aeon’s official client, the dclient, has audio stack and music fading code is in place, and we are hard at work setting up routines to handle music for players and produce a soundtrack for the game.

– We’ll be will be smoothing over stone knapping code and tying it more tightly to lapidary defines. This is part of a longer term program to make the crafting code more cohesive and readable.

More information can be found in our latest Youtube audio presentation here:

Want to get caught up on our latest D&D campaign dramatization set in the world of Alter Aeon? Try here:
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Alter Aeon is a medieval fantasy MMORPG with hundreds of quests to complete and thousands of monsters to defeat!
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