Alter Aeon December 2020 Update

For the month of December, we are giving out our Advent Calendar gifts. Log in every day to collect your daily gift!

Our next game event, the annual Winter Solstice Celebration, will begin on Monday, December 21st and end on the morning of Sunday, January 3rd. This year there will be a little something for everyone: Christmas cannons to shoot, teleporting mobs to kill, reindeer and New Year mobs to possess for pk, and the return of the Tower of Challenge and The Forest of Good Will Gathering!

We added three new skills in November:

– The necromancer skill ‘graft undead’, which allows you to add forged spikes, studs and scales to your undead constructs to improve their hitroll, damroll and armor, respectively.

– The general alchemy skill ‘reduce reagent’, which lets you create concentrated versions of spell components to increase their level, at the cost of mass.

– The haberdashery skill ‘livery’ which lets you create bespoke clothing of various sorts.

Other recent improvements include:

– Upgrades made to leathercrafted weapons to make them more viable.

– ‘Enchant essence’ now works on held items.

– A new crafted weapon was added: the estoc, a rare variety of two-handed rapier.

– There is now a new lootcrate: the crafting sampler crate. These give one mineral, one metal bar and one piece of wood when purchased. Once hunting code is far enough along, it will also include a hide or pelt. (More on that below.)

Our previous event, Thanksgiving 2020, featured the false god of pestilence, Chalcuihtotolin, making a bid for power by unleashing plague-infested turkeys across Alter Aeon. Players slaughtered them by the thousands, but not before avatars and later, aspects, of Chalcuihtotolin were able to manifest. In the end, the Jeweled Turkey withdrew his influence, and is rumored to be gathering power for a future assault.

For this event, disease mechanics have been added to the game. Diseases are long-lasting and can be debilitating, but they are easily prevented and removed by spells and skills that work against poisons.

In the future:

– Substantial progress has been made on the encounter code, paving the way for opening the City of Fonts and the autogenerated Field of Fonts.

– We have started prepping code for the hunting skill, which we hope will be finished early next year.

– Archery tournaments continue to be developed as a weekly system event.

– Many new areas are on their way to completion in order to be released alongside the level cap increase to 39 next January.

For more information, please refer to our latest Youtube update:

Happy Holidays!
from Alter Aeon

About alteraeon

Alter Aeon is a medieval fantasy MMORPG with hundreds of quests to complete and thousands of monsters to defeat!
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