June 27, 2020 at 01:46PM

Alter Aeon server updates for Jun 27, 20

From Draak:
Fixed bug with flesh beast. It should now work with the corpses of
fish-type mobs now, too!
You can no longer use berm in cities, or use berm or icewall across the
entrances to instances.
Added a few called animals to mire terrain.
Fixed bug with inlay runes and new -force tag code.
New weekly event for Thirsty Thursday should be coming on-line after
the Summer Solstice event.
You cannot craft if you are too drunk.
New druid level 34 druid spell ‘landslide’. Blow up earth walls and
shambling mounds to damage groups of enemies!

Fear effects now cut into your morale. High morale will help you resist
fear, but at the cost of your morale. Valor and other fear-resisting
effects come into play first.


from Alter Aeon https://bit.ly/1wzi9rE

About alteraeon

Alter Aeon is a medieval fantasy MMORPG with hundreds of quests to complete and thousands of monsters to defeat!
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