Alter Aeon April 2020 Update

Alter Aeon will be having two mini-events in the near future!

– The first will be an Easter-themed quest that will begin on the morning of Friday, April 10th and end on the evening of Monday the 13th.

– The second mini-event will begin on May Day, that is to say, Friday, May 1st. It will feature a special area with sci-fi story elements.

Highlights from the changelog in March:

– The ability to set custom landmarks has been removed from survey and added as a general command, ‘set landmark’.

– ‘Survey’ is now a classless skill, and the foundation of a new Orienteering skill group, which includes skills such as climbing, forest navigation, mountaineering and spelunking.

– The effectiveness of hide is now slightly altered by terrain and your knowledge of orienteering skills.

– Since the ‘know territory’ skill has been folded into animal lore, it has been replaced by the druid spell ‘bloom’, a healing spell that allows druids to use seeds and acorns to increase the regeneration of their plant minions.

– New leathercrafted item: quirt, a short, fast whip.

– New wickercraft item: dreamcatcher, one-off wand of ‘featherfall’.

– Woodcrafted, leathercrafted and dragonscale armor items no long have a level-based adjective. Those adjectives are now used in with ‘craft rename’. The rename routine has also been adjusted, with more variations and unique descriptors for special materials.

– The level 38 mage spell, ‘blaze’ has been implemented.

– Added an ‘all -force’ option for bank deposit and bank withdraw.

– The Arkug (plant/tree), Plat (earth), Stal (stone) and Rava (blood) runes can now be channel cast. Arkug, Plat and Stal are more effective the higher level druid you are. Rava causes your spell to do more damage the more injured you are.

– Critical spells and skills can be practiced without a teacher.

– The Fool’s Star will now ascend every April 1st, wreaking havoc across the land as it alters the behavior of various skills and creatures.

Updates planned for April:

– A new area will be added for Kordan: the Cerulean Shore, a level 14 zone.

– Continue updating equipment for the higher level portions of Kordan, and then move onto Archais.

– We will soon release the Sea of Despair, a level 43 group 15 zone.

– The compare command is getting a major face lift to make it more useful.

– Groundwork for another weekly event should get under way and be ready before the Summer Solstice event in June.

For more information, please see our April Youtube update here:
from Alter Aeon

About alteraeon

Alter Aeon is a medieval fantasy MMORPG with hundreds of quests to complete and thousands of monsters to defeat!
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