August 11, 2019 at 07:50AM

Alter Aeon server updates for Aug 11, 19

From Draak:
The check command should be a bit less harsh judging the melee capabilities
of warriors and thieves.
Terrible weapons will now show a JUNK label when identified or listed.
Suboria’s sector has been shrunk back to its proper size.
Mystic armanent now works on flexible weapons like whips in addition to
blunt weapon damage types.
The speed differences between forged weapons with grips vs. ones with
handles and ones with hafts vs. ones with poles should be more pronounced.
Crafted weapons should have better dierolls.
Brewonly spell help pages should now indicate that they can be created by
brewing potions.
Some vendors now buy cooked recipes.

Leathercrafted armor will tend to gain much less AC, but can have much
stronger bonuses to hitpoints and/or movement. Some will still be
blank – these are good for adding spikes, studs or runes to.

Forged spikes and studs more heavily favor adding damroll, hitroll and
attacks to leathercrafted equipment over other stats. The type of metal
used is also more important.

From Shadowfax:
You must worship a god to do priest tasks, even from pantheist priests.
Make amount of gold requested for almoner jobs more reasonable for low
level players.
Players who are underleveled for the sector they are in will no longer
receive pilgrim jobs in that sector.

Changes to dread portent and soulsteal:
Dread portent will always notify when a creature in the same room is near
death. Knowledge of the ‘soulsteal’ spell is no longer necessary.

The threshold where dread portent notifies that a creature is near death
is now the same as when the creature is vulnerable to ‘soulsteal’.

Soulsteal can now be cast as a duration spell, provided one is affected
by ‘dread portent’ at the time of casting. The target’s soul will be
stolen (or at least try to be) as soon as it becomes weak enough for the
spell to work and if the caster is still affected by ‘dread portent’.

Multiple soulsteals in quick succession now count less sharply against
the caster. You will fail less often, but you will still sometimes fail.

from Alter Aeon

About alteraeon

Alter Aeon is a medieval fantasy MMORPG with hundreds of quests to complete and thousands of monsters to defeat!
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