April 21, 2019 at 09:07AM

Alter Aeon server updates for Apr 20, 19

DClient users – we’ve been doing a lot of infrastructure work. If any
of the dclient features you use stop working, please notify Dentin so
we can get it fixed.

From Shadowfax:
Clan dues bought with credits will now be added to the buyer’s ‘Total
dues paid’ roster entry and update the ‘paid last’ timestamp. (Wyrm)

From Draak:
Crippling strike should be less crippling against other players in pk.
Feinting an opponent makes crippling strike more effective.
Necromancer spell ‘mend bones’ has been lowered to level 34 and
made critical.
Necromancer spell ‘bone dragon’ has been raised to level 37.
Mage spell ‘ice wall’ is now dependent on frost bite.
Mage spells ‘ice wall’, ‘lightning bolt’ and ‘ice elemental’ are
now critical.
Cleric abilities ‘Clasp of corruption’, ‘death and decay’,
‘petition aspect’ and ‘celestial audience’ are now critical.
New wood types: almond, driftwood (common on beaches.)
Minor crafting cleanup for a few weird cases. (Wily, Juggernaut)
Added ‘heraldry check’ option to see if objects can have heraldry
added to them.

Leathercraft check, lapidary check and woodcraft check tightened and
improved. Let Draak know if there are any problems with the checks or with
adding upgrades to leathercrafted, lapidary and woodcrafted equipment.

Ice imprison is more effective against enemies that have been ‘chilled’
i.e. affected by chill touch, Tarrant’s spectral hand or spectral claw.
It is less effective against unchilled opponents. Also, each casting
of ice imprison against a chilled opponent weakens the chill spells
on it. (Lokar, sort of)


from Alter Aeon http://bit.ly/1wzi9rE

About alteraeon

Alter Aeon is a medieval fantasy MMORPG with hundreds of quests to complete and thousands of monsters to defeat!
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