Alter Aeon July 2018 Update

Our sixth annual Summer Solstice Celebration has recently concluded. Having both a group version and solo version of the Puzzlewood Forest seemed to be a crowd-pleaser, so that will probably become standard procedure in the summer events to come. We will work on making each version more distinct from the other.

One fairly hefty change to crafting skills in the works that will affect most crafting skills is the introduction of the concept of profession points. Crafting practice costs will be reduced to one or two, but you will no longer be able to improve them with combat points. Instead, you will gain profession points as you craft. Profession points are linked into the experience code, so you gain them faster by alternating between different crafts.

In addition to classed and unclassed crafting skills, this new code will include druidic carving skills, scribing, enchantments, grenade building, class brewing skills and resource acquisition skills such as fishing and mining.

We will be opening the expanded version of the Apiarch Hive, a level 41 area, in the next week or two. Sometime in the month of July we will be releasing two level 26 areas for Archais. These areas were delayed due to unexpected complications, but they will finally be released in July. There are also several areas that are hoped to be released in August.

Our next game event will be toward the end of August around the Feast of the Sacrifice. For more information, check out our July audio presentation here:

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Alter Aeon is a medieval fantasy MMORPG with hundreds of quests to complete and thousands of monsters to defeat!
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