Alter Aeon April 2018 Update

We’re springing into the season on Alter Aeon with all new updates and zones! Remember that during the month of April you can forage for special Easter eggs items!

Last month, we made a lot of small improvements, with hints for wearing equipment in empty slots, using the identify command and removing most non-combat related abilities from the initial trainers so they can focus on survival spells and skills that deal damage, protect or heal.

For experienced players, we added the dragonscale armor skill, which will generally yield equipment with better armor class. Also, you can now woodcraft, leathercraft, use lapidary, forge and bonecraft on behalf of other players.

We also released the Ayakashi Archipelago last month, a level 41 zone in Suboria.

A lot of new areas are scheduled to be released soon, adding the following zones:

– Major update to the Zulu lands, a level 40 area.

– Add Five to six new level 40 group 10 underdark areas, including The Underdark Wilds, the city of Neverdawn, the Sprawling Chaos, the Mushroom forest, and Zhar’Gaff’Tran’Zortos lair.

– Add another level 41 Suboria areas, the Misuto-Shima Province.

– Two level 26 areas for Archais.

– A level 40 group 10 area for the City of Kings.

– A level 43 group 4 area near Gianasi.

– Ten solo and group 4 zones for the Nightmare Plane.

– Two level 40 zones, which were the Valentine’s Day event areas, the villages of Egmondville and Newtonia.

– A level 27 area for Redferne’s Palace called Dentin’s Workshop

Now that we have raised the level cap to 38, we will be adding abilities to each class to round out the new level. First on the list will be the thief class, with trapmaking, combat skills and the brew acid skill.

For more information, please visit our Youtube channel:

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About alteraeon

Alter Aeon is a medieval fantasy MMORPG with hundreds of quests to complete and thousands of monsters to defeat!
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