Alter Aeon January 2018 Update

Happy New Year, from the staff of Alter Aeon!

Our Winter Solstice event may almost be over, but there is still time to participate! There are many special event quests and activities to do, and new players are always welcome and can take part in the special events right away. The event ends on Thursday the 4th.

Our forging system has been fully implemented, with smelting, alloying, armor, weapons, jewelry and inlaying. Recent reworks for skinning and leatherworking include certain kinds of animals such as foxes, badgers and wolves now yielding pelts instead of skins or hides. We’re also adding the ability for skins from the same type of creature to be bundled together, and for those with higher skill levels to remove skins in one large piece instead of several smaller ones.

Other recent additions:

– A furrier skill has been added for turning pelts into fur lining for forged and leathercrafted armor, and also adds a few new pelt-only leathercrafted items such as muffs and stoles.

– Taste and smell have been added to edible objects in anticipation of the upcoming cooking skill.

– The much anticipated area of Tashadar, city of the drow has been released. It is a level 39 group 10 area reworked for high level players.

Coming soon:

– The anniversary of when Alter Aeon first went live is January 15th, 1995. In honor of this, we will be having a special event for both new and experienced players. The story will be that there is a surge of globally-organized bandit attacks, and a new guild will be formed to combat the threat. The event will last from Friday the 19th to Sunday the 21st.

– Our level cap will soon rise from 37 to 38. Level 38 is planned for implementation around this year’s anniversary event. New skills and spells will be added to accommodate.

– Traps and related skills for thieves are scheduled to be implemented in January. You will be able to lay traps for unsuspecting monsters to wander in to!

For more information, check out our latest Youtube audio presentation here:

from Alter Aeon

About alteraeon

Alter Aeon is a medieval fantasy MMORPG with hundreds of quests to complete and thousands of monsters to defeat!
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