December 18, 2017 at 03:42PM

Alter Aeon server updates for Dec 18, 17

From Draak:
Dirt throwing causes a little bit of morale damage (the “annoy” aspect
mentioned in the help page).
New forged weapon ‘main-gauge’ (parrying dagger).
New forged weapon part ‘cup guard’.
Scales from some rare types of dragon may have special effects, ❤ Lokar.
Cleanup and bugfixes to crafting code changes. Let Draak know if anything
else is not working the way it should.

Forge list armor and forge list parts will display "min. weight"
instead of just "weight" because weapons and armor can weigh up
to 50% more if larger ingots are used.

Weapon hilts will add parry dependent on the AC bonus of their metal.
No other stats from hilts will be added to finished weapon. If you
want more parry on your blade, use a higher AC metal such as adamantium.
If you do not want to add parry to your weapon, use a softer metal such
as copper or brass.

from Alter Aeon

About alteraeon

Alter Aeon is a medieval fantasy MMORPG with hundreds of quests to complete and thousands of monsters to defeat!
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