November 19, 2017 at 03:17PM

Alter Aeon server updates for Nov 19, 17

Don’t display email-only quests on any of the global TODO lists.
Shorten the duration on valor.
Raise exp for a bunch of warrior skills.

From Draak:
WELL MADE quality is now WELL CRAFTED.
Dragonbane advanced poison now halves the damage of dragon breath attacks.
Fixed woodcraft/bonecraft dice.
Minor cleanup to woodcraft/bonecraft checks.
Cleric inflict spells now do slightly more damage.
Herbicide advanced poison now makes plants slightly more vulnerable to
physical attacks.
Consecration will no longer consume mana and favor for unusable items.
Add new level 16 crafting skill ‘inlay metal’.
Add new level 23 crafting skill ‘forge armor’.

Improved infrastructure for improving the ‘check’ command. Thanks to
Dentin for helping with tagging spells and skills. Expect some changes
to how this works in the near future.

from Alter Aeon

About alteraeon

Alter Aeon is a medieval fantasy MMORPG with hundreds of quests to complete and thousands of monsters to defeat!
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