November 10, 2013 at 11:27PM

Alter Aeon server updates for Nov 10, 13

More minor weather updates.
Make constructed grenades a little bit lighter.
Fix obscure player steal bug.
Restrict teleporting into recall sites and a handful of other special
room types (banks, shops, etc.)
Add ‘control list’ command.
Most non-object spells won’t take mana anymore.
Fix failure to unhide bug in backstab.
Windwalkers and orbs of escape now set recall when they move you.
Mobs that were crystal prisoned will now recall if moved.
Short term blindness can now be refreshed before it expires.

Change algorithm for calculating group cast level. Only members
who know groupcasting contribute to the power level, and the
maximum level for a given group size is lower.

Future druid class updates:
Add ‘water weird’ spell.
Add ‘sunblind’ spell. Might need to make this one obscure.

About alteraeon

Alter Aeon is a medieval fantasy MMORPG with hundreds of quests to complete and thousands of monsters to defeat!
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